The topic # 7. Wilhelm (Willi) Friedrich Kühne (1837-1900).

I need in the reference for 'rhodopsin’ (see below):

1876   Wilhelm (Willi) Friedrich Kühne (1837-1900) finds a substance in pancreatic juice that degrades other biological substances (named by Kühne ‘trypsin’) (Über das Sekret des Pankreas). He subsequently proposes the term ‘enzym’ (meaning ‘in yeast’) instead of ‘diastase’ (Beneden, 1876, see also Gutfreund, 1976) and distinguishes enzymes from the micro-organisms that produce them (Kühne, 1876 a,b). It is worth noting that the words ferment and enzyme are both related to yeast: ferment is an old term for yeast, derived very directly from the agitating nature of a fermenting sugar solution, and enzyme was to denote in yeast, i.e. found in yeast, rather than being an intrinsic, life-bound part of it. By the way, Kühne coined the terms ‘rhodopsin’ (reference ?) and ‘myosin’ (Kühne, 1863).

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